What Should I Do to Make My Move Easier?

While moving will never be ‘fun’ you can make it less stressful by planning. In general, you should start organizing your move a month before your moving day. That way you can spread out the duties over a longer period of time instead of rushing at the last minute. Plan out as much as possible and make sure to put it in your calendar so you don’t forget! A few things you should do include:

  • Decluttering your belongings and selling, donating, or throwing out items you won’t be bringing with you
  • Buying packing materials and properly packing all your items
  • Reaching out to your doctors, vet, child’s school, etc. to get the appropriate paperwork for your new location
  • Researching and hiring movers
  • Getting appropriate paperwork and information from both your current and new building
  • Putting together a going away party
Don’t forget to pencil in some time to relax during this time!