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Store Your Belongings Safely with Great Movers

Sure, we might be moving specialists, but we also know that the process of moving can have multiple steps. There might be times where you need to put your items in storage. Maybe your new home isn’t quite ready yet or perhaps you don’t have enough space in your new place. Whatever the reason, we have storage solutions that suit your needs. We offer storage solutions for our residential and commercial customers for as little as two weeks or as long as two years.

After moving thousands of customers in the tri-state area, we realized that many of our customers wanted a one-stop shop for all of their needs including storage. Sure, you can work with another storage company, but when you hire us for your moving and storing needs it saves you time and money. You’ll just be dealing with one company instead of two. Plus, you know we’ll take care of your possessions as you can see how carefully we treat every item when we pack and move your stuff!

When it comes to storing with us, it’s as easy as ABC. All you need to do is give us an inventory of the items you plan to put in storage. From there one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your needs more in detail. Once we have all the information, we’ll give you an estimate for your moving and storage needs. Of course, we’ll move your belongings to and from storage, we’ll just need around seven to ten days of notice to move your items from storage to your new place.

Great Movers –NYC Storage Services

When You Might Need Our NYC Storage Services

Moving is a great time to figure out what items you need and what items you don’t. In general, you should downsize as much as possible to make your moving experience easier and more affordable. In many cases, it might make sense to either donate or sell your old items. However, there might be times where you either don’t want to get rid of them or you just need a bit more time to find a good place for them. That’s exactly when you should hire us as we’re one of the best NYC storage solutions around.

Some other reasons why you might need to use our top-rated storage option include:

  • Storing seasons items
  • Spring cleaning
  • Short term storage between your existing and new lease
  • Emergency storage when you need to move right away but don’t have a new place yet
  • A brief interstate move with the knowledge you will return and want your belongings
    but don’t want to move them with you
  • Prolonged travelling
Great Movers - Best NY Storage Service

Why Use Great Moving Storage

If you’re moving and need to store a few things, our storage solutions are a great option. We take your belongings straight to our secure storage facility once we complete packing our truck. After that, we use your inventory sheet to track everything as we unload it into a storage container. Before we move your belongings back, we’ll take inventory again to make sure we don’t miss anything.

When you hire us, you know you’re getting reliable procedures, competitive pricing, and expert advice. Of course, you get a few other benefits when you hire us:

  • Competitively priced
  • Short and long term storage solutions based on the cubic foot you need for storage
  • No lifting as our movers take care of everything
  • Clean and temperature-controlled storage facility
  • Boxes for purchase or plastic moving bins for rentals
Great Movers –Get TrustedStorage Facility NYC

Our Storage Facility

Great Movers has multiple storage facilities in New Jersey and New York City that we completely own and operate. Because of that, we’re able to maintain its operation in accordance with our standards. When you store with us, you can rest easy knowing we keep your facilities sterilized after each use.

More importantly, we know how important your belongings are. That’s why we have 24/7 monitoring and an up-to-date security system. Our team at the storage facilities consistently oversee building maintenance to make sure there aren’t any structural issues or leaks so you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe. If you’re ready to store with us, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We do basic disassembly/assembly of things such as removing the legs from tables, sofas, and more. We do not disassemble murphy beds or IKEA furniture.
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