Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Questions about your upcoming move or
storage options?


Answers to all your moving and storage questions

Have pressing questions about your upcoming move or storage options? See below for some general answers to commonly asked questions:

Commercial Moving
What precautions do you take to make sure you don’t damage my items or the building?
We take extra care in packing and wrapping your belongings so nothing gets damaged. Our commercial moving crew knows exactly how to maneuver large and bulky equipment through tight spaces. Of course, we take extra precautions by putting up cardboard and mattress pads along the walls so we don’t leave any scuffs or scratches in the building. If something does happen to your current or new building, we are insured so we will work with the building for reimbursement.
What time of day do you do commercial moves?
Are you experienced in moving large office equipment?
What items do you pack for a commercial move?
What services do you offer?
We offer a wide variety of services including:
  • Packing/unpacking - we can pack your entire house or certain rooms
  • Storage solutions - short and long-term storage
  • Moving supplies - boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Plastic bin rentals - eco-friendly plastic bins delivered to your door
Do you move pianos and other bulky furniture?
What Should I Do to Make My Move Easier?
Will Great Movers Ever Cancel a Move?
Local Moving
When can I expect the movers to arrive?
We will let you know at least 48 hours before your move date when to expect the movers. We generally provide a 2-hour time frame to account for weather and traffic issues.
Will Great Movers get parking permits?
Will I need to be present during the move?
What is considered a local move?
Long Distance Moving
How can I track my items during transit?
We will keep you updated on the status of your move on a daily basis. We also have advanced tracking technology on our truck and you can use an app to see where the truck is at all times if we are not available to take your call.
How do I plan for a cross-country move?
What long-distance moving options do you offer?
Do you provide long-distance moving services?
What happens if I don’t plan on moving into my new house immediately after the move?
We offer short and long-term storage solutions at our secure facilities. Just let us know how long you need us to hold onto your items and we’ll store your items. When you are ready, give us a call and we’ll load up your stuff on a truck and deliver it to your new home.
What comes with my move?
Are there items you won’t move?
Do the movers arrange furniture in my new place?
What if I need to cancel or reschedule my move?
Call our customer service line at least 3 days before your move date. If you cancel, we’ll refund your deposit. Anything canceled or rescheduled less than 3 days before the move will incur a 100% penalty as per the estimate.
Should I tip the movers?
When will you charge me for the move?
How much do I need to pay for the deposit?
Protection & Insurance
Where can I check your credibility?
You can look us up on the US Department of Transportation site by using our DOT number 2180117. You can also look us up on the Better Business Bureau website.
How do you protect fragile items?
How do you protect my furniture?
What happens if you receive a parking ticket?