X Tips on Moving in CT During the Summer

Summer is here, and that means it's a moving season. In fact, the moving season generally starts after Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Children are off from school and there are several holidays you can use to coordinate your move. Depending on what you do for a living, work might also be a bit slower as many people take their vacations during the summer months. With that said, you’re also dealing with higher temperatures, which could lead to fatigue and heat stroke if you’re not careful. Luckily, these tips can help keep you safe and stress-free during your CT summer move.

Hire Professional Movers ASAP

Summer is the busiest time of the year for moves. Around 70% of all moves take place between May and September. That means the best professional movers in CT will likely be booked well in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you might have to move on a day or time that isn’t as convenient for you. In the worst case scenario, you might have to wait several weeks until the movers are available.

Of course, you don’t want to rush into a contract with a moving company you haven’t researched. Your best bet is to start researching movers at least a month before your move date, but the earlier, the better. You want to find a company that not only provides all the services you might need, but can also do so within your budget and on your preferred date/time.

Avoid Moving in the Afternoon

The summer brings with it high temperatures and humidity. As the day progresses, it will only get hotter, which could spell disaster for you. Your best bet is to schedule your move before 8am. The temperatures should still be cooler at that time. If you’re not a morning person, then consider after 6:30pm. Since the sun is out for longer during the summer, you’ll still get plenty of daylight and the temperatures should have dropped from their mid-afternoon highs.

Another benefit of moving before 8am or after 6:30pm is that you are missing rush hour traffic. Not only does that reduce how much time you have to be out in the heat, it also helps save you money since the movers won’t have to sit in traffic. It’s a win-win all around.

Prepare Water

It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer and that’s especially true when moving. Since your air conditioners will be off and you’ll be moving around, you’ll be sweating a lot! That’s true even if there are pro Connecticut movers who are doing all the heavy lifting. You still need to pack your essentials and other important items into your car and check to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Buy enough water that will last the entire moving day as well as the day after. Make sure to get enough not only for your family, but also for everyone else that helped you, including the moving crew. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by having water bottles in advance. You don’t even need to chill it if you don’t have room in your fridge. Yes, cold water after working in the hot sun does feel amazing, but room temperature water is better than no water!

Pack Carefully

Packing might be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s also the most important step! While you could just toss all of your belongings haphazardly into boxes and bags, you’ll regret it later! Sure, it might be faster initially, but don’t forget you also have to unpack everything! If you don’t know what’s in your boxes you’ll spend a lot more time digging through and organizing everything. Plus, if you have fragile items, they could easily get damaged in the move and you’ll have to deal with broken glass and ceramics.

To avoid potential unpacking issues, really think about how you want to organize your rooms and belongings. And don’t forget to keep an inventory of everything you are taking with you. You’ll also want to take a lot of pictures. Obviously, you want to take pictures of fragile items before the move so you can keep track of their condition. However, you should also take pictures of things like your home entertainment cable setup so you know what plugs in where.

Speaking of home entertainment, you should be careful when packing electronics as most of these cannot handle the heat. Do some research beforehand on what items might be susceptible to melting in high temperatures and leave them for the end of packing so they can be unloaded first.

Dress Appropriately

Don’t worry about looking fashionable on moving day. Your aim is to be as comfortable as possible. When moving during the summer, that also means you want to avoid trapping heat in your clothes. Opt for light, breathable clothes made out of cotton or other natural fabrics. You should also focus on clothes that are easy to move in and won’t get tangled or caught on corners or boxes so nothing too loose or flowy. You should also wear light, neutral colors for your clothes if possible.

When it comes to your shoes, stick with sneakers and some socks. You’ll be doing a lot of walking back and forth between rooms, driving, and unpacking so go with something comfortable. Now is not the time to try out that new pair of shoes or wear flip flops.

Pay Close Attention to your Pets and/or Kids

It’s easy to lose track of your pets and kids with all the commotion of a move. However, they are the most likely to suffer from heat exhaustion during a summer move. If you’re not moving too far away, put your pet in a daycare during the move. It’s a great way to keep them safe as they can stay cool and out of the way. Plus, it will prevent your pet from getting too stressed because of all the hectic energy.

If you have young children, see if you could drop them off with a friend or family member if you aren’t moving too far away. Much like your pets, the idea is to keep them out of harm’s way as much as possible while also reducing their stress levels. If you’re making a long-distance trip, the trick is prevention. Make sure to have plenty of cold water and juice on hand as well as their favorite snacks. You can even set up a small napping area in a quiet place in your house so they sleep if they get tired. Just make sure you don’t forget them!

Take Breaks

Moving is a grueling process. Considering how stressful it can be, it’s no surprise that many people just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. However, during the summer months you should set aside some time in the day to take a break. With the constant movement and lack of A/C combined with the high temperatures and humidity, you can easily suffer from heat exhaustion. If you notice that you are sweating a lot and out of breath, take some time to cool off. That goes for everyone else in your family!

Once you’re in your new home, don’t unpack immediately. You might want to get everything, but your first order of business should be to relax. Drink whatever water you have leftover and turn up the air conditioner so you can cool down. You might even want to take a shower if it was especially hot to wash off your sweat. After that, get something to eat to replenish your energy and then you can start unpacking.

Prepare for Your Summer CT Move

The best way to make your CT summer move better is to hire professional CT movers. They will deal with all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to break too much of a sweat in the sweltering heat. Our moving crew are trained for maximum efficiency so we can finish even the largest move in a few hours.


What happens if I feel sick during the move?

If you’re not feeling well, you might be suffering from mild heat exhaustion. Go find a cool place to rest and drink lots of cool liquids, ideally water or sports drinks. You might also need to eat something to replenish yourself.

If there is a heat weather advisory, will the movers still come on moving day?

Yes, movers will still move you even during high temperatures. They might try to get an earlier start to the day to avoid the hottest times, but unless there is a serious weather related catastrophe, they will keep the scheduled date.

Are the moving trucks climate controlled?

No, the back of a moving truck is NOT climate controlled so it can get quite hot during the summer months. That’s why if you have heat sensitive items, we suggest you properly label them so we can load then last and unload them first to avoid issues.