4 Reasons You Should Consider a Storage Solution for Your Next Move

Regardless of the size of your house, if you have lived there for several years you have accumulated a lot of stuff. Most people don’t realize how much they have until they need to move, that’s why downsizing is such a huge part of the moving process. However, it’s not always easy to let go of items you’ve had for a long time. Doubly so if you’re moving to a much smaller space or just don’t have the time to go through everything you own. You don’t want to accidentally throw out your late grandmother’s quilt!

While you can find your own storage units, many moving companies (like Great Movers) provide storage options for customers. The best part is that the movers will help bring your belongings to your storage unit and then to your new home once you’re ready, saving you a lot of time. There are many reasons a storage unit can be beneficial to the moving process so it might be worth it to consider it for the future.

Declutter Your House

Once you’ve decided to move out of your house, you will want to attract as many buyers as possible. For best results, you should declutter your house as much as possible as a tidy home will showcase the space in the best possible light. Even if your house is large, a cluttered garage, full closet, or large stack of boxes strewn about the house can turn off potential buyers.

While it might be easier to start packing up when you know your closing date, it’s not always possible. In many cases, even if you do know the closing date, your move-out and move-in dates might not overlap.

Whatever the case is, the idea is to get as much non-essential stuff out of your house and somewhere else. If you’re not able to move into your new place yet, you will have to put your boxes into storage for a few months. Luckily, most reputable movers offer safe and secure short-term storage solutions. Plus, they don’t necessarily need to have exact dates. When you’re ready to move your boxes into your new place, all you need to do is give them a call and let them know your plans. They’ll deliver the items to you with zero hassle.

Plus, putting your stuff in storage early on allows you to also take a second look at what you own. With so much going on from finding a new house, closing on the new house, finding a buyer, packing, and all the dozens of other tasks you’ll probably be overwhelmed. Chances are you might throw out something accidentally and/or bring too many items to your new place that you don’t need. You might even bring bulky items like furniture that won’t even fit in your new place!

With everything in storage, you can spend a bit more time sorting through your belongings. If you can, wait to declutter the storage unit until after you’ve moved in. There’s nothing quite like living in a new place to give you a clearer picture of where you want to put things and whether your old aesthetic matches your new house. Plus, you’ll have a clean, empty space when you move so you can easily paint the walls without worrying about dirtying up your stuff.

Reduce Moving Costs

It might sound counterintuitive, but renting a storage unit could save you moving costs. The smaller units can often cost as little as $100 and many places offer a discount on the first month. Many CT moving companies might even offer discounts on your move if you also use their storage solutions. Of course, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll get these discounts so make sure that you ask about any promotions when you talk to the movers over the phone.

Even if you don’t get a discount, moving might still be cheaper if you put some things in storage. With less stuff to load and unload, the movers will take less time, which means a lower price tag. Of course, it also means you will need to move your own boxes into and out of storage yourself for maximum cost savings.

Alleviate Stress

While you can reduce stress by planning ahead, sometimes you’ll still run into some hiccups. Maybe your new house isn’t ready in time or maybe the people who want to purchase your home need to move in faster than expected. There are so many things that can happen that it can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is not having a safe place to store your belongings.

Even if everything goes according to plan, it can still be tricky to try and pack and move everything in a short amount of time. Thai is especially true if you’re making a long-distance move. That’s why renting a storage unit can be a great option. You can start packing even before you put your house on the market and store your stuff as early as possible. Plus, you can keep adding to the unit as the selling and buying process gets underway.

Find the Right Buyer for Items

Yard sales might be great for selling the basic knick knacks you don’t want to bring with you, but they might not be the best for more valuable items. Of course, anything could be considered ‘valuable’ so it really comes down to your knowledge of what you own and how well you know the pricing. Things that can sell for a lot include:

  • Collectible toys
  • Comic books
  • Trading cards
  • Camera lenses
  • Vintage clothes
  • Designer purses and shoes
  • Scientific equipment

Of course, to make money on things like collectibles, they need to be in almost pristine condition. For toys, most are only worth money if they are still in the box so make sure to do some research and price accordingly. There are a lot of places online where you can list your items for sale, but the most popular remains eBay. Depending on the quality and rarity of the item you’re selling, you might even be able to sell it at a profit. In order to do this, you can’t have a deadline where you need to get rid of your items. That’s why a storage unit is so useful. You can simply pack them away and spend some time doing your research and finding the right buyer.

Consider Storage Solutions for Your Next Move

Moving is both an exciting and stressful endeavor, but you can lighten the burden by adding on either long or short term storage options. That way, you will have most of your things packed already weeks before your move. And if worse comes to worst and you have to move out before you can move into your new place, you will already have your belongings in storage. It’s a win win.

If you are interested in storage solutions, make sure to ask the professional movers what they offer.


Will my stuff be safe in storage?

It depends on who you use, but with Great Movers we offer 24/7 surveillance and secure indoor storage facilities.

How long can I store my belongings?

Most moving companies allow you to store your boxes for up to a year, though you can always ask for an extension if that isn’t enough time.

What happens if something gets damaged while in storage?

If your items are damaged while in storage, make sure to let the movers know the second you notice. Your items are automatically insured under the released value protection for $0.60 per pound per item. If you plan on storing valuable items, you should take out moving insurance so you can be reimbursed for the total cost of the damage.

Moving Company

How to Find Reliable Moving Companies in CT

Thanks to the internet, you can find dozens of movers in Connecticut in a couple of seconds. However, there are almost too many companies to choose from and, more importantly, there are more scammers out there than ever before. In some ways, finding a trustworthy CT moving company is harder than ever as you will have to spend time researching each potential company. Still, you’ll be happy that you performed your due diligence once all of your belongings are safely in your new home.

If you don’t know where to start when looking for CT movers, the steps below should help you weed out any potential low-quality movers and scammers.

Ask Friends and Family

Sure, the internet is great, but there’s nothing better than having your friends and/or family members provide you with recommendations. Nowadays, even online reviews aren’t necessarily trustworthy as companies can easily pay people to write good reviews. What they can’t do is pay off people you already know. If you know someone who used a professional CT movers, ask them about their experience. Some good questions to ask include:

  • Were the movers on-time?
  • Was the moving crew professional?
  • Did anything get damaged during the move and how did the company respond?
  • Did the final moving cost match the initial quote? If not, was it because you forgot to include something or did they try to up charge you?
  • What additional services, if any, from the movers did you use? How do you rate that service?

Ask as many questions as you can think of! Your friends and family should be more than happy to answer them and give insight into the good and bad of the company they used. If their report sounds good to you, then make sure to add that moving company to the list.

You might not know anyone who has moved recently, so your next best bet is to read online reviews. No company has 100% customer satisfaction. If you notice thousands of reviews but zero complaints, the company might have deleted some of the more critical ones. You should also filter by lower ratings and see what the issues were. It’s up to you to decide if these negative reviews are warranted or not.

Shop Around

Yes, even if your friends or family members gave glowing reviews for the same moving company, it’s in your best interest to find at least two other options. There are a few reasons for this:

Choosing a moving day that works around your schedule

While most movers should have availability during the time frame that might not always be the case if you’re moving during peak season (May-September) or making a last-minute move. If your move falls into either category you definitely want to have some backup options in case the one you really want falls through.

Ensuring a company offers all of the services you need

All moving companies offer basic loading and unloading, but not all offer the same extra services. Many don’t even offer the same quality of service for their basic moves! Highly-rated movers in CT will include free services with the basic move such as disassembling and reassembling basic furniture, wardrobe boxes, dismounting TVs, etc.

If you require something besides basic moving, such as packing/unpacking, storage, etc., mention that in your initial call. You don’t want any surprises on the day of the move!

Negotiating a better rate

You likely won’t see huge fluctuations in the estimate for your move so long as you are in contact with professional moving companies. If one estimate seems significantly cheaper than the others, don’t book them. Chances are the company is trying to scam you!

With that said, you can see if the company has any active deals going on especially if you’re moving during off-peak season. You can often leverage the quote from another company to negotiate a better rate with the movers you prefer.

Verify Their Legitimacy

All reputable moving companies have a unique number that is provided by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) when they register as a moving company. All movers must provide this number on their website and in their advertising. In addition, they must also have a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If you don’t see the number anywhere on their site, consider that a red flag. You can always call and ask for it, but the information is supposed to be readily available so you can do your research before calling. If they cannot provide a number, do not book them!

To check a USDOT number go to the FMCSA site and search for the moving company you are using. You can check if there are any complaints, crashes, safety issues, etc. While you’re on the search result, you should check the following:

  • Basic information – make sure the company name, address, and phone number on the site matches what you see on the website
  • State carrier ID – not all states require a USDOT. If that’s the case, you can look up their state carrier ID that verifies they can make local moves
  • Operating status – make sure it says active! Avoid any companies that are inactive, out-of-service, or not authorized.

In order for moving companies to get their DOT number, they have to prove they have the appropriate insurance. In general, professional movers should have general and automobile liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation and property insurance. That way, should anything happen during the move, nothing comes out of your pocket. That means, if the movers damage your old or new home, their insurance will handle the cost of repair. It also means that if one of the moving crews gets injured on the job, the moving company will handle it.

Look Out for Other Red Flags

It’s not always easy to spot a scammer and with a high stress event like moving, it can be easy to get pressured into signing a contract, especially if you’re short on time. If you have a bad feeling about the company, trust your gut. With that said, here are some common red flags:

  • Asking for a large deposit up front- Most moving companies might ask for a small deposit to reserve your date, but if they are asking for a large cash deposit, it likely means they are scammers.
  • Avoiding your questions – reputable moving companies will always be happy to answer any questions you have as they want to provide you with the best experience possible. If the person on the phone dodges your questions or simply can’t answer them, it’s not a good sign.
  • Using high pressure tactics – most scammers want to put you into a situation where you feel like you don’t have any choices but to work with them whether that’s because a ‘deal’ is running out or that their slots are booking quickly. If you feel like the person on the phone is really trying to get you to sign paperwork on the initial call, find another company.
  • Significantly cheaper than the competition – everyone wants to save money, but most professional moving companies have relatively similar pricing. If you find a deal that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Many scam companies will provide only the flat rate in their initial quote. It isn’t until moving day that they will add on all the extra fees they didn’t mention.

If you do end up being a victim of a moving scam, report it as soon as possible to the Better Business Bureau and FMCSA. You might not be able to get your money back (unless you want to go to small claims court, which can take even more money), but you can at least warn others and inform the proper authorities.

Find the Right Movers for You

Hiring movers might make moving day a breeze, but it comes with its own set of challenges. In order to find the best movers, you should start planning your move at least a month in advance. That way, you will have plenty of time to do your research and find the perfect CT movers.


Some of my items were damaged during the move. What should I do?

You have 90 days to file your claim and the movers have 120 days to either accept or reject your claim so make sure to file as soon as possible! If you have third-party moving insurance, reach out to them to see what you need to provide.

What should I do if the movers stop responding to my calls and emails

If you haven’t been able to reach the moving company for a few days, move on to your second or third choice. Chances are the first company was a scam and was discovered so they are laying low.

How much should a local move cost?

It depends on how much you’re moving and how far you’re moving. All of these affect the cost. However, moving a small 3-bedroom house locally can cost anywhere between $1,500-$3,000.