Where can I check your credibility?

You can look us up on the US Department of Transportation site by using our DOT number 2180117. You can also look us up on the Better Business Bureau website.

How do you protect fragile items?

Our expert movers know how to load trucks to protect even the most fragile of items. We’ll always load your fragile items last and make sure they’re not crushed by other boxes. All you need to do is mark the boxes as fragile and we’ll take it from there.

How do you protect my furniture?

We carefully wrap your furniture in moving blankets. We’ll also include plastic wraps if it’s raining or snowing.

What happens if you receive a parking ticket?

Our foreman will inform us and we will pay the fine. None of this will show up in your final bill. Of course, if you receive a parking ticket, we aren’t held liable for payment.